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The Air Driven Engine is a low-emission engine that runs on compressed air. In Air Driven Engine, the expansion of compressed air drives the pistons of an engine. An Air Driven Engine is a pneumatic actuator that expands compressed air to produce useful work. Because there is no combustion, there is no mixing of fuel and air.

Compressed Air Technology is used in the operation of an Air Driven Engine. The Compressed Air Technology is very simple and clear. If we compress normal air into a cylinder, the air will retain some energy. This energy can be used for beneficial purposes. When this compressed air expands, it releases energy that can be used to do work. As a result, the energy in compressed air can also be used to displace a piston.

Introduction And Working

Compressed Air Technology is used to power an Air Driven Engine. Compressed Air Technology is now widely used in research by various industries to develop various drives for various purposes. The Compressed Air Technology is quite simple. Normal air, when compressed into a cylinder, contains some energy. This energy can be put to good use. When the compressed air expands, the energy is released to do work.

As a result, the energy in compressed air can also be used to displace a piston. This is the fundamental operating principle of the Air Driven Engine. The engine’s pistons are propelled by the expansion of compressed air. So an Air Driven Engine is essentially a pneumatic actuator that expands compressed air to produce useful work. This work provided by the air is used to provide power to the engine’s crankshaft. There is no combustion occurring within the engine. As a result, it is non-polluting and less dangerous. It only necessitates lighter metal because it does not have to withstand high temperatures. 

There is no need to mix fuel and air because there is no combustion. The fuel in this case is compressed air, which is fed directly into the piston cylinder arrangement. It simply expands within the cylinder and exerts useful pressure on the piston. This work on the piston provides enough power to the crankshaft.

Mechanical Components Required

  • BODY

Electronics Components Required



  • Less costly and more effective.
  • The air engine is an emission-free piston engine that uses compressed air as a source of energy.
  • Simple in construction. The engine can be massively reduced in size.
  • Easy to maintain and repair.
  • No fire hazard problem due to overloading. Air, on its own, is non-flammable.
  • Low manufacture and maintenance costs.
  • Comparatively the operation cost is less.


  • The vehicle’s air compressor will probably run on gasoline and this gas will produce pollution when burned.
  • Distance could also become a disadvantage ( less than 200 miles ).
  • If an aircar suffers damage in an accident, compressed air tanks can be dangerous.
  • Refueling the compressed-air container using a home or low-end conventional air compressor may take as long as 4 hours.



Air driven engines can be used as drives for different types of conveyors such as Belt conveyors, Chain conveyors, Screw conveyors, etc,. it is normally used for slow speed conveyors. Medium load can only be used.


Air Driven Engine can also be utilized for small displacement pumps of low pressure capacities.


 The usage of the Air Driven Engine is possible for automobiles as two wheelers and light motor vehicles. Air car

Future Scopes of Air Driven Engine

  • Air Driven Engine made of light metal will give better results.
  • Usage of compressed air tanks for storage and supply will give it more scope in automobiles.
  • Much like electrical vehicles, air powered vehicles would ultimately be powered through the electrical grid. This makes it easier to focus on reducing pollution from one source, as opposed to the millions of vehicles on the road. Transportation of the fuel would not be required due to drawing power off the electrical grid. This presents significant cost benefits. Pollution created during fuel transportation would be eliminated.
  • Compressed-air vehicles operate to a thermodynamic process as air cools down when expanding and heats up when being compressed. As it is not possible in practice to use a theoretically ideal process, losses occur and improvements may involve reducing these, e.g., by using large heat exchangers in order to use heat from the ambient air and at the same time provide air cooling in the passenger compartment. At the other end, the heat produced during compression can be stored in water systems, physical or chemical systems and reused later.
  • New engine designs; as shown in fig shows the improved variants of the air engine. With these type of engines; which is more efficient; air powered automobiles could gain a bright scope in future.

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