Automatic Hydraulic Vice Project Report

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A bench vise is like an extra hand and is a common tool found in any shop or garage. It is attached to a workbench and its purpose is to hold material steady, allowing you to use both hands to work on the material with other tools. They are ideal for sawing, sanding, planning, drilling, screwing, soldering and more.
A conventional bench vise is manually operated. The user has to crack down on a lever to operate it. This is a high risk for injury and/or strained muscles. It also cannot provide dependable power, control or stability. This is even more evident when additional help is necessary for set-up and operation.
A hydraulic bench vise provides power and performance with the efficiency of hydraulic power. The user operates the vise by use of a hydraulic foot pump. It is user and handicap friendly and eliminates physical limitations and risk factors.


Using the mechanical clamping process some problems as listed below:-
1. Leverage required for bending heavy sections is large; hence tremendous amount of human effort is necessary.
2.      Labor cost is more.
3.      Time-consuming, in terms of setting time ad operation time.
4.      Space occupied is more.
5.      Quality is not good.
6.      Defects in the form of angular deformation and wrinkles are seen.
Conventional mechanical process is replaced by the hydraulic system which offers many benefits


  • Hydraulic automatic clamping. Its a perfect solution to the above problem wherein bending force is generated is quite large about (5 ton) with a minimal human effort
  • The hydraulic automatic clamping uses a hydraulic jack in conjunction with the high-speed tool cutting mechanism to apply a gradual force up to 5000kg.
  • Loading is done by operating handle of the jack which carries the cutting action, resulting in a safe and damage free operation.
  • In order to increase the speed of operation, the pneumatic circuit is used to operate the hydraulic pump and the relief valve and return spring set will help the quick return of hydraulic ram, thereby reducing the idle time of the machine.


Hydraulic bench vises are versatile tools and are found in any shop, garage or maintenance department. They provide hands-free operation in both horizontal and vertical positions to perform clamping, pressing or work-holding applications. Few applications listed below.
  • U-joint removal Form steel Woodworking Sawing
  • Cutting steel/metal Drilling & boring Cutting conduit
  • Fabrication
  • Assembly
  • Auto maintenance
  • Regripping golf clubs
  • Rebuilding regulators
  • Home projects
  • Planning


          Consistent and repeatable operation
          Controlled clamping forces
          Automatically adjusting work supports
          Remote clamp operation
          Automatic sequencing


1)     Not suitable for delicate components.
2)     Requires external power for its operation.
3)     The initial investment is high.

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