Design and fabrication of pneumatic car jack Project Report

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This Pneumatic Car Jack project and implementation is very useful for long journey vehicle and this setup helps to raise vehicle by using battery or engine power. An automatic pneumatic hydraulic jack comprises a mini air compressor and automatic hydraulic jack to serve as an on-vehicle tool where as the power of the battery on the vehicle is used to drive the mini air compressor which compresses air to serve as its primary force. The air enters an entry channel from an air inlet nozzle and passes to an air chamber via a changeover valve to push a small air-oil piston, thus converting air pressure into hydraulic pressure on the other side of the piston which enters into a large hydraulic cylinder via a check valve and pushes a large piston. The downward movement of the small air-oil piston causes engagement with and turns the changeover valve, thus connecting the air chamber channel to an exhaust channel and the entry channel to the storage tank channel which enables the oil storage tank to supply the small hydraulic cylinder with oil under pressure and make the small air-oil piston move upwards when the small hydraulic cylinder is filled with oil, the small air-oil piston turns the changeover valve to connect the air entry channel to the air chamber channel again, thereby completing the cycle. Such reciprocation converts the air pressure into hydraulic pressure to push the big piston which in turn, jacks up the vehicle. To lower the vehicle, an oil return screw is turned to allow the oil to return to the oil storage tank via a return channel.

NEED FOR AUTOMATION: Automation can be achieved through computers, hydraulics, pneumatics, robotics, etc., of these sources, pneumatics form an attractive medium for low cost automation. The main advantages of all pneumatic systems are economy and simplicity. Automation plays an important role in mass production. Nowadays almost all the manufacturing processes are being made automatic in order to deliver the products at a faster rate.

The following reasons affirms the benefits of automation,

  • To achieve mass production
  • To reduce man power
  • To increase the efficiency of the plant
  • To reduce the work load
  • To reduce the production cost
  • To reduce the production time
  • To reduce the material handling
  • To reduce the fatigue of workers
  • To achieve good product quality
  • Less maintenance

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