Four Stage Reduction Gearbox Project Report

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Today gearbox has found its application in all areas, engineering or design. Gear box has two major aspects, first is to design according to its requirements and second is its applications. Both these tasks are complex because former requires creativity whereas latter requires an in depth understanding of calculations. The task of designing can be automated. This finds additional benefits. The gearbox will be used to reduce the speed or to increase the speed in any field. Here we are generally taking the example of conveyor belts as the gearbox gives its maximum advantages in this field.


This type of gear box is similar to the constant mesh type in that all the gears on the main shaft are in constant mesh with the corresponding gears on the lay shaft. The gears on the lay shaft are fixed to it while those on the main shaft are free to rotate on the same. Its working is also similar to the constant mesh type, but in the former there is one definite improvement over the latter. This is provision of synchromesh device which avoids the necessity of double declutching. You don’t need to ‘blip’ the throttle and double-clutch to change gears because the synchromesh does the job of matching the speeds of the various gearbox components for you. To the right is a color coded cutaway part of my example gearbox. The green cone-shaped area is the synchromesh collar.


This kind of working model can be successfully utilized for reducing the rpm of driving shaft to the 1/4 of its speed and then this reduced rpm can be further used for many application. The main objective of our project is to provide flexibility to change driving shafts rpm. This phenomena allows to increase the working range of device. Means a same set up can be used for many application by introducing this gearbox.
Sr. no.
Input rpm
Output rpm



Four stage reduction gearboxes can be used in following applications.
1)     Conveyors: By reducing the speed of conveyor we can use the same conveyor for two different rpm. This 2 different speeds are very important. For example an operator will reduce the speed of conveyor while online inspection is carried out and  after the inspection the speed can be bring back to the original speed.
2)     The cutting speed of various machines in which the cutting tool is operated by the motor can be controlled with the help of this gearbox.
3)     Any high speed turbine requires compounding. So this gearbox can be installed as a compounding device which will isolate the alternator from sudden jerk.


1-As per the gears have to remain always in mesh, it is no longer necessary to use straight spur gears, which  produces noise while meshing.
2-Instead, helical gears are used which quieter in running.
3-Wear of dog teeth on account of engaging & disengaging is reduced because here all the teeth of the dog clutches are involved compared to only two or more teeth in case of sliding gears.
4-Easily visibility of shifting of dog clutches.
5-With the help of R.P.M easily find out the torque of each gear.


1-Noise of Gear Box is more.
2-we can not used oil having low Viscosity.
3-Cost of gear box & accessories is mere costly when breakage of any part is occur.
4-proper lubrication is required.
5-Due to high voltage proper care is necessary.

Four Stage Reduction Gearbox Project Report

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