Solar load lifter Project Report, Abstract

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If we  take into consideration today’s situation from the world point of view then we can say that world today is greatly dependent on fossil fuels and other conventional energy sources.
So that it becomes necessary to found an alternative applications which are used in  day to day life which uses non renewable energy. It should be replaced by an appliance that works on renewable energy and performs same function.
Solar load lifter is an invention in which the solar energy is utilized for lifting of  weight. This invention is an blue print for following applications.


Our project takes into consideration the fact that there are very limited reserves of fossil fuels. The increasing cost also poses a huge stress on our economy. The concept is to utilize non conventional energy sources of sun and bio-fuel for the entire energy needs of the complex. We are going to use solar energy for electricity production, space and water heatingThe solar water heaters will also be centralised. Other energy conservation techniques will be incorporated into the entire complex. The another advantage of this system will be that the only costs incurred by the people in this system will be maintenance cost alone


The solar panel that is installed and exposed to the solar radiation and so that produces direct current which is then fed to the electric motor. The function of electric motor is to receive the direct current from solar panel and then convert that current into the mechanical movement.
This mechanical movement is in rpm. The electric motor used in our working model is of  200 rpm. This rpm is not suitable for the lifting purpose. And also the torque accomplished with that rpm is also very low. For lifting application the torque should be high enough.
 To achieve the above requirement we used gearbox. The gearbox contains 6 no. of gears. These gears are helical type of gears and then it is assembled using compound type of gear box. The 200 rpm is act as a input rpm and it is finally converted into 60 rpm.
This reduced rpm is successfully utilized for load lifting purpose. Another one desirable advantage of the gearbox is that it made the solar load lifter of self braking. It means that we can hold the load at any desired position.
The rope used in this working model is of cotton. This rope is fabricated by using synthetic bond and then it is subjected to destructive testing for tensile application.
This wire rope is then allowed to pass through the section rollers. Total 3 section roller are used. The specifications are standard one and is ¾ section roller.
These section rollers ensures the frictionless and jerk free movement of rope.       


Solar load lifter  is used for the  purpose  of transportation  of  weight  against or towards the gravity which are generally  runs on non renewable  energy which is getting exhausted by there continuous use. Because non renewable energy sources for electricity  are  depending on the energy sources like coal petroleum products etc.
Here  we  are using  the   solar  energy  which  is  available  near above  seven  hour In a  day . some  common   application  is  given  below .   
1.      For commercial lifts in buildings and societies.
2.       The goods carrier lift used in constructional work
3.      For jib cranes and hoists.


1)      It takes renewable energy sources for its use.
2)      It takes no running cost as it works on solar radiation.
3)      No harmful residual produced.


1)      Less response to the to in cloudy atmosphere.
2)       Large capital investment required.

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