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If we take into consideration today’s situation from the world point of view then we can say that the world today is greatly dependent on fossil fuels and other conventional energy sources.

So that it becomes necessary to found an alternative application which are used in day to day life which uses non-renewable energy. It should be replaced by an appliance that works on renewable energy and performs the same function. A train that runs on solar radiation. This solar radiation is stored in the battery to ensure the functionality of a train in the night also.

Our concept is to manufacture a simple working model of solar train which can run completely on solar energy.  Our working model is making a statement that utilization of solar energy is quite a simplified for the modern days. Exploration of this kind of working model will definitely help for the encouragement of utilization of solar energy.


 A train that runs on solar radiation. This solar radiation is stored in the battery to ensure the functionality of a train in the night also. The total load for the single solar panel is calculated and designed in such a way that the two motors present on the rear wheels and a battery on the train chassis will run simultaneously on the single solar panel. There are lots of mode of utilizing the solar energy in which we are trying to put a statement about SOLAR TRAIN. The formula is settled by us for the area of the solar panel required for the particular weight of TRAIN. In this protocol, we tried the same with some tactics in which the efforts are made to minimize the cost of the protocol.


It has a very simple working principle. A solar panel present on the chassis of the train receives the solar radiation and converts it into the direct current. This direct current (DC is then received by electric motors to which the rear wheels are attached. These motors convert the direct current into the mechanical movement which drives the train.


            Solar TRAIN is used for the transportation purpose. The TRAINs are generally travelled are depending on the energy sources like coal petroleum products etc. Here we are using  the   solar  energy  which  is  available  near above  seven-hour

In a day. some complication is given below.   

  • Manual driving TRAINs.
  • Auto driving trains
  • Commercial public transport trains, Etc.


  • It takes renewable energy for its function.
  • No harmful residuals like smoke.
  • No running cost.
  • Eco-friendly working model.


  • Initial cost is high.
  • Battery storage requires maintenance.
  • Low repose in the cloudy atmosphere

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