Choosing the Type of Access Platform For Your Business

A construction project can be risky without an access platform to reach tall objects. It comes with different types whichever a specific project requires. It aims to improve safety in the workstation and also increase productivity as a whole.

What is an Access Platform?

An access platform is a tool applicable to the wider industry. It is an elevated surface and is usually made of sturdy materials not to collapse anytime. Such equipment benefits construction jobs that deal with heights most of the time.

It has additional features to secure workers putting their life at extreme risk. It includes handrails to prevent people from falling which may result in injuries and even death. Most types of access platforms are easy to disassemble for storage by simply folding the material. Some options have wheels for mobility which is ideal for tight workplaces and is lockable to ensure safety. They differ in size depending on the particular purpose of the said tool.

Asking engineers and other experts which access platform you should invest in can help you decide. They may also suggest reputable suppliers make things a lot easier.

Different Types of Access Platforms

Upon searching the internet, here is a list of access platforms you can consider for your business:

  1. Folding Access Platform

The first option is similar to ladders. Folding platforms are versatile, meaning they can be used not just for repair jobs but also for painting work, for instance. The material is also lightweight and still provides stable support for hours of work. Therefore, it is easier to move around wherever it is needed.

Such a platform works best at low-height projects. However, some units are built with guardrails for protection when working in elevated workspaces. It is often placed on top of another medium with better stability.

  1. Stationary and Semi-Stationary Access Platform

The stationary platform applies to higher construction projects. It can perform specific functions through custom orders from the sellers. It is the same as scaffolding that works for a variety of repair and construction jobs. Unlike folding access platforms, this one is made for hard-to-reach areas in a confined space.

It is easy to assemble with lockable casters for added security. The height of the platform can be altered depending on the type of project and room area. The platform includes enclosures to maintain a high level of safety among the workers. Compared to normal ladders, a stationary platform has a wider surface for better stability while at work.

  1. Powered Access Platform

The advancing technology is likewise felt in the construction industry in the past few years. There are so-called powered access platforms that helped a lot of workers in completing a project at great heights. It promotes convenience and boosts workers’ productivity resulting in a better outcome. The equipment can also maneuver in tight spaces.

From the “powered”, it means it requires less human intervention to reach higher objects. It is durable and has three main types – scissor lifts, cherry pickers, and electric hoists.

Scissor lifts are very common in warehouses without ground-level access. The tool is responsible for elevating and lowering a worker to repair something. It also applies to window cleaning on tall buildings and equipment repairs.

Cherry pickers can move in a wide range of directions and are also called the boom lift. Therefore, it has more functions compared to scissor lifts. Its great mobility is an advantage when working in tight workspaces.

Lastly, electric hoists are designed for larger construction projects. It is called a pulley system that is made of a pre-existing access platform.

Benefits of Access Platforms

Now that you know the different types of access platforms, below are the facts that will convince you to buy one:

  1. Improve Workers’ Safety

Construction jobs are one of the riskiest in the world of business. It can put someone’s life in great danger when there is a lack of safety equipment, such as an access platform. With the right tool, the worst incidents can be avoided and also it helps to lessen your emergency expenses due to workers getting injured.

Furthermore, access platforms are built with enclosures for added safety. It minimizes the risk of falling in the case of accessing tight spaces that require extra movement and effort. 

  1. Provides Easier Access

Roof work can be a hassle without using an access platform. It helps workers to reach raised areas by which other tools are unable to bring solutions. In other words, it can make a difficult task easier and could be done faster. Enhanced productivity is possible with the use of a correct access platform for your needs.

  1. It is Highly Versatile

Access platforms are useful equipment not only for construction jobs. It is easy to customize whichever best suits a specific need. Painting work, window cleaning, and repair jobs are just a few of the examples that require the use of access platforms. They are also durable which adds up to your confidence to utilize the platform in several ways.


Finding a durable access platform would be easier with the help of experts. There are access platform engineers who can assist you in deciding which equipment can meet your budget and particular needs. They can also guarantee whether the platform conforms to the safety standards for construction works. A wider option is available in the market with different styles and purposes, but all promote safety in the workplace.