What are the different types of guided transmission media?

Different types of guided transmission media

fiber optic cable vs twisted pair cable vs coaxial cable

AspectTwisted-Pair CableCoaxial CableFiber-Optic Cable
BandwidthLower bandwidth compared to coaxial and fiber-optic cablesHigher bandwidth than twisted-pair cablesOffers much higher bandwidth than twisted-pair and coaxial cables
Data Transmission
Limited distance for high-speed transmissions (up to 100 meters for Gigabit Ethernet)Thinner and more flexible, making it easier to install and handleLong-distance transmission capabilities, reaching hundreds of kilometers without repeaters
Immunity to EMIMore susceptible to electromagnetic interferenceMore resistant to interference than twisted-pair cablesImmune to electromagnetic interference and crosstalk
Size & FlexibilitySmaller in size and more flexible than coaxial and fiber-optic cablesBulkier and less flexible than twisted-pair cablesHighly secure, difficult to tap into and intercepts signals
SecurityOffers minimal security as signals can be easily tappedProvides some level of security due to shieldingHighly secure, difficult to tap into, and intercepts signals
CostRelatively inexpensive compared to coaxial and fiber-optic cablesModerately pricedInitially more expensive than twisted-pair and coaxial cables, but costs have reduced over time
UsesCommonly used for Ethernet networks, telephone lines, and some analog connectionsUsed for cable television (CATV) and broadband internet connectionsUsed for long-distance data transmission, high-speed networking, and telephony
fiber optic cable vs twisted pair cable vs coaxial cable

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What are the different types of guided transmission media?
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