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Microprocessor Vs Microcontroller

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    Difference between Microprocessor Vs Microcontroller

    Center of a computer system.Center of embedded system.
    Memory and I/O components are external to it.Memory and I/O components are internal to it.
    Large CircuitSmaller Circuit
    Not compatible with compact systemsCompatible with compact systems.
    Higher costLower Cost
    High Power ConsumptionLow Power Consumption
    Mostly don’t have power featuresMostly have power features.
    Mainly present in personal computers.Mainly present in washing machines, music players, and embedded systems.
    Less number of registers.More number of registers.
    Follows Von Neumann modelFollows Harvard architecture
    Made on a silicon-based integrated chip.Byproduct microprocessors and peripherals.
    RAM, ROM, and other peripherals are
    RAM, ROM, and other peripherals
    are present.
    Has an external bus to interface with devices.Uses an internal controlling bus for communication.
    Has a high speed.Speed depends on the architecture.
    Ideal for general purpose to handle
    more data.
    Ideal for the specific applications.
    Complex and ExpensiveSimple and affordable
    Requires more instructionsRequires less instructions
    Microprocessor Vs Microcontroller
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    Img: Difference between Microprocessor And Microcontroller
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    Need any Project or any Help? Leave us a comment