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Energy shortage is the prime consideration for every country in the world. Especially in India, there are still a few places where there is no electricity. So it is necessary to save as well as churn out energy from miscellaneous resources.

Providing attention to the above fact we are trying to explore these resources where we are trying to churn out the potential of the wastewater. The word wastewater includes the water used in the washroom and then it flows through the pipes in the building, apartments etc.
The working model that we have an idea is also useful for the rainwater that collected on the roof and then allows to flows for power generation purpose.


There are so many models who produce the same electricity but this model have a unique feature that is it can generate electricity from flowing water which has a very low heat. Generally, the high head is the basic requirement of any hydroelectric power generation but it is not a case here.

Our prime concept is to develop a device which can produce at least  8volt to 10 volts by taking the very low amount of discharge. This device is designed in such a way that it can also produce the electricity from a simple low head discharge like tap water.

This device can be applicable for multi-storeyed buildings where wastewater comes from very good height and we can generate the electricity storing it with the help of batteries and can fulfill one of the electricity load like basement parking lighting, societies street lighting etc.


It churns the power from a waste resource. The wastewater coming from the pipe is collected in a chamber. This device is introduced just before the end of the pipe in such a way that the water will strike the cups. This cup will rotate itself due to the force applied by water and then this torque is converted into high rpm with the help of gearbox. This high rpm is then converted into the electricity with the help of a DC generator.


  1. WASTEWATER POWER GENERATION  is used to utilize the potential of wastewater.
  2. Domestic power generator.
  3. Tap water power generation 
  4. Commercial industries waste fluid power generation.


  1. It churns the power from a waste resource.
  2. Small and portable set up.
  3. No maintenance required.


  1. used for a heavy load.
  2. Fluctuating power output.

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