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One of the most frequently occurring problems in all the technical institute is that they cannot provide enough practical knowledge because of inadequate resources. But one can understand various automobile systems with the help of three-dimensional models.

So, we planned to assemble the model of the differential. We buy differential and fit it into the frame, which is manufactured in our workshop by us. There is a big problem for students to understand the working of different parts & their functions in the differential, which is the most important part of vehicles.

This project is need of our automobile laboratory for understanding the working and construction of the differential to the students. This project helps our teachers to teach the working and construction of various parts effectively within a short period of time.


Arrangement of Differential

In order to avoid skidding and slippage of one drive wheel in I relation to other where cornering, each wheel must be permitted to cover a different path in the same interval of time The rigid axels which were used previously constrained the wheels to run at same speed. This resulted in rapid rear tires wear and difficulty in steering from the straight-ahead position. This can be avoided if the distance travelled by the outer wheel is greater than that travelled by inner. The tyre will have to scrub over the road surface and tend to keep the vehicle move straight ahead if the wheels are interconnected. By driving wheel and allowing the other to run tree these effects could be reduced but this arrangement is not popular due to unbalance driving the cost and unequal cornering speed 

By means of the mechanism, the wheels are allowed to rotate at a different speed, while the drive both the wheels is maintained. This mechanism is used to revolve the two wheels driven positively by the engine to revolve at different speed without any interference to the propulsion of the motor vehicle. It makes possible but the individual variation of rotation of either wheel with the drive still maintained.


When the vehicle is on a straight road, the zing gear the differential case, differential pinion gear and two differential side gears all the turn as a unit The two differential pinion gears so not rotate the pinion shaft this is because they exert equal force on the two differential side gears As a results, the side gears turn at the same speed as the zing gear, which causes both drive wheels to turn at the same speed also.

However, when the vehicle begins to round a curve, the differential pinion gears rotate on the pinion shaft This permits the other wheels to turn faster than other wheels suppose one wheel turns slower than the other as the vehicle rounds a curve. As a differential case rotate, the pinion gear must rotate on their shaft. This occurs because the pinion gears must walk around the slower-turning differential side gear. 

Therefore, the pinion gears carry an additional rotary motion to the faster-turning outer wheel on the turn the differential speed consider to be 100% the rotating action of the pinion gear carries 90% of this speed to the slower-rotating inner wheel It sends 110% of the speed to the faster-rotating outer wheel. This is how the differential allows one drive wheel to turn faster than the other. Whenever the vehicle goes around the turn, the outer drive wheel travels a greater distance than the inner drive wheel the two-pinion gear rotates on their shaft and send a more rotary motion to the outer wheel.  When the vehicle moves down a straight road the pinion gear does not rotate on their shaft.  They apply equally for due to the differential side gear.  therefore, both drive wheels rotate at the same speed.


  • It is a universal device which is used by all kind of automobiles worldwide.


  1. It separates the motion of both rear wheels
  2. It transmits the torque from propeller to rear wheels
  3. It avoids skidding.


  1. It consumes 12% of the total torque before transmitting to the rear wheels.
  2. It requires periodic maintenance.

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