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FREE SAP PP (PRODUCTION PLANNING) TRAINING TUTORIALS | We, Mechanical Farm, help students, and Researchers with their Studies, projects, researches by providing them proper study materials, guidance and information. In the below article we have shared the Free SAP PRODUCTION PLANNING Online Training platforms, where you can learn from the top industry experts with the real projects or real life examples.


SAP PP (Production Planning) is an important module in the SAP system. SAP production planning manages all business processes related to production in an organisation. It includes activities such as Materials Requirement Planning (MRP), Bill of Materials (BOM), Routings, Automatic material requisitions based on MRP, capacity planning, and so on. Details of manufacturing processes, such as material flows, planned costs, actual costs, and so on, can be recorded and tracked using SAP production planning. The Production Planning module is fully integrated with other SAP modules such as SD (Sales and Distribution), MM (Materials Management), FICO (Finance and Controlling), PM (Plant Maintenance), and LE (Logistics Execution).


Tutorials Point originated from the idea that there exists a class of readers who respond better to online content and prefer to learn new skills at their own pace from the comforts of their drawing rooms. TP brings simple to understand Text and Video tutorials at zero cost and cover many subjects including IT, Engineering, MBA, MCA, Management, Various Exams Preparation and Academic subjects. And if you want to learn SAP PP for free then Tutorials Point’s training (taught by Mr.Mubin Tamboli) is one of the best and most popular among the learners.

This SAP PP training videos are very well constructed, guided and designed by the institute and has been prepared for all those students and professional who wish to learn the fundamentals of SAP Production Planning and execute it in practice. This tutorial explains every important components of SAP Production Planning like Material Master, MRP, BOM, Work Center, CRP and so on. They also provide Premium courses on their website. But If you want to learn for free then we have uploaded YouTube Playlist below:

SAP PP Online Training by Tutorials Point (India) Ltd. (YouTube)

The Smart Hands – a professional SAP training platform is another popular platform or a institute who provides in depth knowledge and deeper understanding of various theory and practical aspects of SAP.

The course videos are little bit lengthy but are designed as per the SAP associate level Certification syllabus. This tutorial explains every important components of SAP Production Planning like Material Master, MRP, BOM, Work Center, Routing, demand management and so on. Basically this SAP training course is designed for beginners to intermediate to expert levels and delivered online via their website, and YouTube Channel. They also provide Premium courses on their website.

SAP PP Production Planning Training by The Smart Hands (YouTube)

Guru99 is one of the best websites when it comes to free learning and Interview preparation. Guru99 provides Free Training Tutorials & Video for IT, Engineering, and many more Courses. This course is helpful for beginners as well as mangers who is aspired to built careers in production planning area. It deals with the various department of manufacturing and production.

There are lot of free platform where you can learn SAP PP but Udemy is world’s best online courses platform for both professionals and beginners. This is not free platform but you know what it just costs you just ₹455 which is cheaper than Netflix Subscription or KFC Bucket. Rather than spending lots off money on classes and fraud institutes You can start learning SAP PP with Udemy @ just ₹455.

Why choose Udemy? Because, Top companies like Capgemini, TCS, VW and other 9,500+ businesses around the world recommend this platform to their own employees. These online tutorials are created and taught by top industry experts. From beginners to advanced levels, each video, each assignment from these courses will train you in using advanced tools and gain confidence to use in professional level. 

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