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Introduction to IOT (Internet of Things)-Working, advantage

What is the Internet of Things? According to the “Introduction to IOT” by Bagha and Medissa, the Internet of Things, or IoT is a dynamic global network infrastructure with self-configuring capabilities based on standard and interoperable communication protocols where physical and virtual “things” have identities, physical attributes, and virtual personalities that use intelligent interfaces and […]

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8051 microcontroller Architecture

Understanding the 8051 microcontroller architecture is essential for developing embedded systems. It lays the foundation for the development of efficient, low-power, and cost-effective microcontroller-based applications. Programmers may optimize code and exploit the full power of this widely used microcontroller by being familiar with its structure, instruction set, and peripherals. The 8051 microcontroller is a popular

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Pin diagram of 8051 Microcontroller

what is an 8051 microcontroller? As discussed in our earlier post on the Architecture of the 8501 microcontroller, The 8051 microcontroller is a popular and versatile 8-bit microcontroller based on Harvard architecture, used in a wide range of embedded systems. Developed by Intel, it features a simple architecture, 4KB of on-chip ROM, 128 bytes of

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Fiber optic cable and its types

What is fiber optic cable? The Fiber optic cable is a cylindrical-shaped glass fiber that contains any transparent dielectric medium through which the photons are passed in the form of light pulses. This photon contains the information needed to be passed. It Utilizes light pulses to transmit data over a glass or plastic fiber. It Offers high

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Top 5 best java certified courses

Java is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world, known for its portability, versatility, and wide range of applications. Do you want to learn Java programming from scratch? Udemy is a fantastic platform with a plethora of different programming languages such as Python language, Java language, and many other courses to choose from. However, choosing the best one can

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Top 5 certified DevOps courses on udemy

DevOps courses DevOps is a combination of software development (dev) and operations (ops). It is a set of practices, principles, and tools that enable organizations to automate and streamline their software development and IT operations processes. DevOps has gained immense popularity recently due to its ability to enhance collaboration, reduce development cycles, and improve overall

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