SAP SD Transaction Codes and Tables

SAP SD Transaction Codes and Tables

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the important SAP SD transaction codes and tables. SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) is a module within the SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that handles various business processes related to sales, order management, pricing, delivery, and customer service.

In this post, we have curated a list of essential transaction codes and tables that are commonly used in SAP SD. Transaction codes are shortcuts that allow users to access specific functions or execute predefined processes in the system. On the other hand, tables store data in a structured format, providing a central repository for information.

Whether you are a beginner exploring SAP SD or an experienced professional seeking a quick reference, this list will be invaluable in navigating through the vast SAP SD landscape. We have categorized the SAP transaction codes and tables for easy navigation, covering areas such as sales order processing, pricing, shipping, billing, and more.

List of Transaction codes for SAP SD

SAP SD Sales
Sales Order[VA01] – Create Sales order [VA02] – Change Sales order [VA03] – Display Sales Order
QuotationVA21 – Create Quotation VA22 – Change Quotation VA23 – Display Quotation
InquiryVA11 – Create Inquiry VA12 – Change Inquiry VA13 – Display Inquiry
Scheduling AgreementVA31 – Create Scheduling Agreement VA32 – Change Scheduling Agreement VA33 – Display Scheduling Agreement
ContractsVA41 – Create Contract VA42 – Change Contract VA43 – Display Contract
Back Order ProcessingV_RA – Back Order Processing
ReschedulingV_V2 – Rescheduling
List of Sales ordersVA05
List of Incomplete OrdersV.02
V.26Sales Document By Order Status
V.15Display Back orders
VA35Display List of Scheduling Agreements
V.05List of Incomplete Scheduling Agreements
VA45List of Contracts
VKM3Release Credit Hold Orders
SAP SD Delivery
VL01NCreate Delivery with reference to Sales Order
VL02NChange Delivery
VL03NDisplay Delivery
VL04Batch create deliveries
VL09Reverse Goods Movements
LT03Create Transfer order for Delivery
LT01Create Transfer Order ( General )
SAP SD Billing
VF01Create Billing Document
VF02Change Billing Document
VF03Display Billing document
VF04Batch processing of Billing Documents
VF11Cancel Billing Documents
VF21Create Invoice Lists
VF22Change Invoice Lists
VF23Display Invoice Lists
VB(7Rebate Settlement
VBOFUpdate Billing Documents
SAP Revenue Recognition
VF44Revenue Recognition
VF48Reconciliation report
VOTXNText Text Determination
VOPANSAP Partner Determination
OVK1SAP Tax Determination Rules
VKOAAssign G/L Accounts in Account Determination
VOV8SD Document Type Configuration
VOV7SD Item category Configuration
VOV6Schedule Line Category Configuration
VOV5Schedule Line Category Determination
VOV4Item Category Determination
OVA2Define Incompletion Procedure
OVAKDefine Simple Credit Check
OVA8Define Automatic Credit Control
OIS2Serial Number Profile Determination
VTFASAP Copy control from Order to Billing
VTAACopy control from order to order
VTFLCopy control from delivery to billing
VTFFCopy control from Billing to Billing
VTAFCopy control from billing to sales
SAP SD Transaction Codes and Tables

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