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Student Packing checklist for Germany

    We are not going to give you an exhaustive list due to space constraints, so we will share a very simple and straightforward list of things that will help you survive in this country whether you are a student or someone who is coming here to work.

    Remember that you can always go out and buy things, but you must come here with a certain amount of money so that you can buy a few things that will help you in your daily life.

    Download Shopping list for students going to germany pdf


    Clothing and Apparel List

    Gloves (woollen + leather)1+1
    Woollen cap/Monkey Cap (very thick)1
    Shirt-Formal2 to 3
    T-shirt (collar + round)AR
    Jacket (thin layered)1
    Indian Traditional wear2 diff sets
    Track Pants + Bermuda4 to 5
    Sunglasses1-2 Pair
    Pillow cover big2
    Extra buttonsfew
    Clothing and Apparel Packing List For Germany

    Footwear List

    Formal Shoe1
    Sports shoe1 or 2
    Socks (nylon + Woollen) thick5
    Shoe polish + brushAR
    Shoe laceAR
    Packing List of Footwear Products

    Kitchen-Utensils List

    what utensils you should carry?

    There are a lot of things you can get in Germany but I’m only talking about things which are extremely important something which you don’t wanna miss rice cooker, Frying pan, etc.

    Multi-purpose Cooker (3/5 lt)1
    Tava (Non-sticky)1
    Sambar Kadai1
    Serving spoons3
    Utensil (milk/ tea/ coffee)2
    Vegetable grater1
    Coffee Mugs or Glass2
    Masala Box1
    Tea net/strainer1
    Water Bottle1
    kadai frying pan1
    Utensil holder (chimta)1
    Small plastic boxes6
    Packing List of Kitchen-Utensils

    Kitchen-Food Items Packing List

    I would recommend you to buy food items, Stationary, Cosmetology and Toiletries from Dmart/Reliance mart/Your Local supermarket). Or You can order all this Food items from Amazon/Flipkart. (AR= As Required)

    Here’s a list of Food items to carry to Germany from India:

    Food ItemsQty
    Wheat FloorAR
    Red Chilli Powder1 kg
    All Garam MasalasAR
    Ginger-Garlic paste2 Pk
    Ready to cook packets5 ~ 6
    Homemade snacksAR
    Powder: Sambar,Rasam,
    Puliyogre, pulav, chicken masala etc
    Tea and Coffee powderAR
    dry coconutAR
    Dry fruitsAR
    Sprouts (Mung, matki, chana, Rajama, Chole etc)AR
    Various Dal (Toor, mung, masoor etc)AR
    Food items to carry to Germany from India

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    Cosmetology and Toiletries Products List

    Antiseptic Powder / Solution1~2
    Band-aid Few
    Bath soap bars2~3
    cold cream1
    Cotton1 PKT
    Deo spray1
    Ear cleaning bud1 PKT
    Hair oil1 Bottle
    Nail cutter1
    Perfume/Cologne1 Bottle
    shampoo – small1 Bottle
    Sunscreen lotion1 Bottle
    Cloth Washing brush IF1
    Dettol Hand Wash IF1
    Hand Sanitizer1~2
    Tissue Paper box IF1
    Talcum Powder IF1
    Hair gel IF1
    Shaving Kit/Trimmer1
    List of Cosmetology and Toiletries

    Electronics Products List

    Ear phone1
    Mobile Charger1
    Laptop Charger1
    External Hard disk/Pen drive1
    USB keyboard1
    Headphone with mic1
    Travel Adapters (very important)3
    Extension board (very important)1
    List of List Of Electronics Items

    Don’t buy these types of convertors


    Travel Adapters for Germany

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    Stationary Products List

    Stationary ItemsQty
    Batteries3~4 Pair
    Ball point pens6
    Eraser & Sharpener2
    adhesive tape1~2
    paper clip 
    Rubber band1 pack
    safety pins 
    scientific calculator1
    stapler pins1 pack
    Locks (medium) 
    Locks (small size) 
    Needle and thread rolls 
    Zip-lock plastic pouchessmall + medium
    Spare Spectacles1~2
    Files/Documents holder3
    List of Stationary Items

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    Important Suggestions:

    • Read the rules carefully before packing the items. Some are not to be carried and isn’t allowed by airlines.
    • Visit your dentist, / eye doctor/family physician for a complete check-up.
    • Pack a small medicine kit in consultation with your family physician for minor ailments and illnesses.
    • If you are carrying Cabin bag of 6/7kg or a Laptop Bag then keep some clothes, water bottle, Basic electronic items such as charger, Power Bank (Strictly should be in Laptop Bag), headphones, etc and all-important documents in Cabin bag or in Laptop Bag.
    •  should be in these bags.
    • Mineral Water bottle (Use and throw) is not allowed in flight but you can carry water bottle in your bag.
    • Do not carry keychains with sharp tools in Laptop Bag or in cabin Bag.
    • Stick a large name tag or some sort of mark on your bag, and also add something like a coloured ribbon to the bag chain. As a result, it will not be exchanged with anyone else.
    • Make copies of all the documents and certificates you are carrying and leave a set at home
    • Write down important phone numbers, Bank A/c numbers of your and keep them handy.
    • Inform the International Office nearest to your Univ. about your arrival date, time etc. well in advance.
    • Have a haircut before leaving as it is pretty expensive in France, as much as 10 Euro for a sitting

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    • There are chances we would have missed out something in the list because we are only giving you basic things what you actually need here to survive for the first few weeks until you settle down well at Germany.
    • I have made this list by researching and with self-experience. So, I can’t promise that all the information given in this document would be 100% true
    • The products mentioned above are Not compulsory to follow.
    • Not Linked with any organization or not publishing it for any Profit from any organization
    • Made for Students who are travelling from India to European countries
    • For a brief idea what they should bring with them and what things are easily available in Germany/Other European Countries. So that they can avoid it and reduce luggage weight.
    • Avoid packing Spices & Condiments along with clothes, lest they should smell nasty when you unpack.
    • To avoid last-minute stress and unnecessary expense, prioritize products that are an absolute necessity in accordance with the airline’s baggage weight regulations.

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