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This is a military as well as security application model in which a gun can be handled from a remote place and can be fired and then again loaded remotely. It means you can shoot the Target by sitting on a chair in a room. This is an automatic wireless robot which is specially designed to handle a pistol as well as a revolver. This robot can be controlled with the help as a transmitter (remote control). This project is an invention and this gun robot is a future weapon.

We are having a concept to use the modern circuits in the market in the traditional weapon systems and manufacture a fully modern and automated gun handling system which do not require any physical contact of the shooter. We are introducing automation in the traditional weapons.   


Any battle or shootout is always a risky task for the soldier or a policeman because there may be a counter fire from the enemy which can harm the gunman. Taking this problem in consideration we did a study and having a concept of man free gun which can shoot its target accurately without touching the gun. So there is no risk of any harm on counter fire. The machine may get damaged but it saves the gunman which is so important.

Another one fact that imagines a target is present behind the wall and it is not safe to go there and shoot it. In this case, this robot gun is a masterpiece which can go behind the wall detects the target and shoots it without any harm.

By considering the floral area of industry  initially we will try to cover the 8000m2 area under the remote-controlled area. This range is flexible and can be changed according to the floral distance in between target and shooters position. 


This system works on wireless circuits. A remote-controlled circuit that can operate many motors which are installed at the rear wheels of gun handling system and gun loading and shooting mechanism.  These circuits have a range of 100 meters to 500 meters. We have a large variety of circuits so we can choose one of them according to the floral area of particular application. 



1)            Military application.
2)            Infantry.
3)            Private security firms.
4)            Police department.


1)            It reduces the risk of injuries as well as the death of the shooter.
2)            Very useful for special tasks like combing operations, encounters, etc.


1)  Initial cost is high.
2)  Battery storage requires maintenance.
3)  Low repose in a rainy season.


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