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This is one of the most common problems for an automobile that they run only on road surface. When it comes to cross the rivers or pond then we have to find the alternative options like a ship, boat etc. so here we are providing attention to develop a system in an automobile which can runs on the road surface as well as on water surface also.

Our concept is to provide axial turbine wheels which will be a unique set up for propelling the car in the water. In this working model, we can easily change itself from a car into a ship.


The amphibious vehicle could be used for exercise, relaxation, recreation, or just getting from one place to another.

Currently, in most resorts, golf carts are being used or rented to visitors for transportation to nearby areas. These golf carts run on gas or batteries. The amphibious vehicle is environmentally conscious by eliminating the use of electrical and thermal energy and emissions.

The actual design of an amphibious vehicle is a broad subject because of the many alternatives and options for the overall structure, including a selection of the parts for the vehicle and its sub-assemblies. The team considered many alternatives for the design of the vehicle structure. After considering various designs, each with its advantages and disadvantages, the team decided to build the simplest design that allowed for the integration of multiple systems. This design consists of a basic frame with two wheels in the front and one wheel in the back. This design enables easy assembly and manufacturability.


The amphibious vehicle will need to have the ability to go forward and reverse on land as well as forward and reverse in water. It is likely that the transmission of an amphibious vehicle will always be more complex than that of a vehicle that is designed for use only on land. For ease of use, the cycle will be designed so that it is powered by the rider using the same set of motors to propel when on land and water, giving a fluid transition from one medium to the next. The purpose of the transmission is to deliver the power from the rider to the output device to propel the cycle, with possible variation in gear ratios.


  1. Military automobile applications.
  2. Commercial automobiles.
  3. Rescue automobiles
  4. Special purpose automobiles


  1. It has a unique trans road system that allows it to run on the road as well as water.
  2. Very effective for remote and countryside areas.
  3. Shallow water level does not affect the function of the car.


  1. Not suitable for high tide flow rivers.
  2. Slurry present in water may provide damage the turbine blades.

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