10+ innovative Software Development project ideas for students

Computers used to be a novelty item once, and software engineering was a field only a few dared to step into. Before computers and smartphones became common, the need and demand for software were limited since only a few people had access to the devices. However, not long ago, computers and smartphones became a household novelty, and the world of software development got kicked into a new era. With the implementation of these devices in various sectors, their demand rose and naturally, the number of software engineers and software development company also began to meet the growing need for softwares. That said, one needs to graduate from a rigorous education and be experienced in creating functioning software as a student before they are qualified to call themselves a software engineer. 

Because of this, every software engineering student needs to work on their projects and create a bunch of working applications as a student. The only issue with this is that the experts have done everything that can be done because of the rapid progress of technology. So, how can a student learn? 

10 innovative Software Development project ideas for students

There are a few innovative software engineering projects that a student can try. Although these projects will not exactly be unique, they will be a combination of existing projects. Because of this, each student can add their twist and make these projects their own. 

So, what are these projects? 

1) Day Planner

Regardless of what you do, there will always be a never-ending list of tasks waiting for you, so much so that it can be extremely overwhelming. In this chaos of work, people rarely get the leisure to plan for their work. But what if there was an app that could do the planning for you? Day Planner is based on this very concept. The software engineering student can develop an algorithm to prepare the day schedule depending on the various parameters. The parameters can vary depending on the nature of the tasks. For instance, the schedule for organizational tasks can vary from tasks at home. 

Because of the sheer variety of tasks, software engineering students have a lot of freedom on what type of planner they want to develop. And, let’s be honest here, we all need a few different types of day planners to get our life straight.

2) Daily Route Planner

The concept of a daily route planner is simple – it analyzes the quickest route to your destination by analyzing various parameters. The general parameters include the different routes available, traffic, weather, time of day and mode of transportation. 

Software engineering students can use these few basic parameters to show the best route to the destination. Although this may seem a bit basic, the process is complicated, and the software project has a lot of freedom for the additional features. 

3) Personality Analysis

Have you ever taken the Myers-Briggs Personality test? The chances are that a lot of you have. The concept of this personality test is quite simple – you answer a few questions, and the application shows what personality you are based on the 16 types of personality. 

As a learning software engineering student, making an application similar to this is a great way to expand your knowledge. Furthermore, no one has said that there are 16 types of personality. Depending on where you look, the number of personalities differs from 4, 5 and 16 basic personality types. Along with this, there are also ones that fall somewhere in between. This is a simple but complicated software project for a software engineering student. So why not try developing software or a mobile application specifically for this?

4) Sentiment analysis for product rating

Now moving away from the personality, let’s talk about the emotions. Did you know that you can detect emotions in a text? With some knowledge about the keywords for emotions and a good algorithm to detect these words, you can see the emotions behind any text. A popular example of this is the emotion detector from Grammarly; it shows the overall emotional tone of the passage within a limited range.

Now, you can implement this concept to analyze the reviews. With some creativity on your side, as an engineering student, you can even apply this concept to develop an algorithm that can detect genuine reviews and product ratings from AI-generated ones – AI still cannot express their emotions like humans, at least not yet.

5) Liar ChatBot

AI may still not express emotions as a human can, but what if it could lie? We generally consider Artificial Intelligence as a machine program that is 100% accurate as long as there are no glitches and the data is accurate. But you can simply create one that can lie. 

As a software engineer, you can create a chatbot that will give false information if specific keywords are inserted. For instance, if your chatbot is the one that answers questions regarding the services of an IT company, you can program it to give false information when the customer asks questions regarding sensitive information.

6) Bug Tracker

Artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot that lies sounds like a great data leakage protection, but programming such an Artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot can be easier said than done. A popular saying among software engineers goes something like, “programming is just half of the work- the rest is debugging“. But what if there was a program that could track the bugs? 

Bug Tracker is not a new concept, but as a software engineer student, you can insert your insight and create a new bug tracking system. You can program an algorithm with the rules of a programming language and insert features that track the bugs. If the programmer can solve the bug, then it’s all good. But if they cannot, inserting a feature that lets the programmer access resources on the internet or contact a senior within an organization is also a good idea. 

7) Data Leakage Detection System

Now that you have bug trackers, developing an Artificial intelligence (AI) like Lie Bot that protects the company through Machine Learning language data should be relatively easier. But this is not enough. So, how about developing software that detects the leakage of data?

The concept is simple, the program constantly monitors the data flow and keeps track of data leakage. When this meets specific criteria, the software follows the leaked data and finds where the data goes. The goal here is to know where the data goes.

As a software engineering student, you should know that executing this project is easier said than done. The concept is simple, but the execution is hard.

8) Employee Management System

Sometimes, the data leak is not from the system but the employees. But this can be prevented if a company has an employee management system. Although snoops can always get in, a good employee management system can aid a company in managing an employee’s tasks, salary and breaks.

This project aims to build a management system that factors the existing variables and working systems within a company and turns it into a management application / software.

9) Image Encryption system

Now, company data security is important. But not all data is in the form of texts. Some of the crucial data are images as well. So how do you encrypt these crucial images? You simply build image encryption software. Building this system is a bit harder than text encryption, but you can implement the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm.

The device views the encrypted images only with the software you developed. 

10) Patient Tracker

Let’s end this list with a different software engineering project that has nothing to do with security and talk about tracking history. With the progress of technology, the medical world has progressed a lot, and it is easier to detect diseases. But this brings a problem. With the increase in the number of illnesses and disorders, tracking these illnesses within a patient has become harder than ever. But what if there was a way to track a patient’s medical history?

As a software development student, you can take on this project. The tracker will take in the data and record them into an organized set of information so that any doctor or health specialist can easily see a patient’s medical history. 

Software Development Projects Honorable Mentions

Naturally, there are a lot more software engineering project ideas that you can take on:software development student. Some of the honorable mentions are:

  • Fingerprint-based ATM security
  • Online Education System
  • Task Monitoring System 
  • Online Advising system for various field
  • Ticket Booking System
  • Smart Scan to Notes system
  • Supply Chain Management System
  • Attendance System
  • Credit Card Fraud Detection System
  • Shopping System
  • Resource Management Aid

And more.

In Conclusion,

The need and demand for software engineers are constantly growing in this age of rapid technology growth. The good news is many students are constantly seeking growth in this industry by taking on various projects. 

The list of projects for software engineering students listed here can be considered as a small group of rocks taken from a big mountain of possible projects. So if you want to, you can find a huge list of possible project ideas. 

But we hope you found this helpful. And as always, thank you for reading till the end. 

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