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This project deals with the design and manufacture of mechanism for stair climbing to lift load over staircase flight. Our project consists of the construction of a base and pistons to move load using compressed air as a medium. It is easy with the help of wheels on straight-level paths carrying heavy load but it is a challenge especially in Pakistan in the case of stairs. This project offers an alternative to carrying load in buildings that do not have elevators. It is a mechanical system in which the load can be carried by an individual through a flight of stairs. The project may also be used with wheel chair to move the handicapped staff over a flight of stairs. This is a pure mechanical-based system therefore potential usage areas also include areas where electricity is not available. The project focused on both an average family’s economic needs and the efficiency requirements of any industry.


This is a mechanical-based device that uses compressed air as fuel to move a charge up a flight of stairs. This project is a solution for all the industrial areas where electricity generation and availability are a problem due to the ongoing energy crisis in Pakistan. Stair climbing mechanism is primarily used for two reasons, one is to make wheelchair climbing stairs and the other is to move heavy objects. It is more important for the mentally disabled and the individuals who cannot climb the stairs. While the range of movement for a disabled person improves and heavy items can be moved by stairs from the ground floor to the top floor.


  1. Frame  
  2. Pneumatic
  3. Jacks  
  4. Air Cylinder  
  5. Tires  
  6. Valves  
  7. Pu Connectors and Pipes
  8.  Base Plate  
  9. Handle  
  10. Viper


  • Light weight (one man operated)
  • Economical as cost is less than labor wage
  • Use with wheel chair for handicapped personnel
  • Increase productivity of workers
  • It is alternative to carry load in building with no elevators
  • Do not need electricity to operate
  • User friendly, easy to operate
  • Used in those places where ordinary lifters fail to operate.


  • For continuous working cylinder refill is needed
  • Operated carefully as slight leakage can cause failure in shifting load because machine use air as a medium which needs very tiny space to leak.


  • If used in any industry where emphasizing factor is time not cost, then using hydraulic jacks in place of pneumatic jacks are better option because they use costly oil but are better in performance.
  • With slight modification in mechanism, this device is also used to shift handicapped persons.
  • If used in a condition where availability of electricity is not an issue than with the help of solenoid valve and rotors, and compressor, we can achieve better efficiency.
  • By the use of high cost and better pressure storing air tank, we can improve the performance.
  • By the use of non-return valve in place of simple handle valve we can save the air up to maximum extent by giving the exhaust port air back to air cylinder.


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