Foot Operated Spray

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One of the most frequently occurring problems in  all the conventional type of cannot provide enough advantages as listed below  because of old manufacturing and old design.
So we planned to assemble the modern model of foot  operated  spray  pump with the additional advantages .
There are few problems for operators to handle the conventional device are which had listed and studied deeply and few conclusions as well as solutions are made. Right accordingly to above solutions the design procedure had also been started.


As  above  mentioned  there  are  disadvantages  of  conventional  the  hand  operated  spray  pump.  Some of   them   are  listed  below.  
1)                The  hand  operated  spray  pump  are  unaffordable
2)                In  case  of    hand  operated  spray  pump  the  maintenance  required.
3)                The  hand  operated  spray  pump  are  not  user  friendly.
4)                  Only  skilled  operator  can  use  the  hand  operated  spray  pump.
5)                There  is  no  special  arrangement  for  storing  of  pressure  in case  of  The  hand  operated  spray  pump
6)                The  hand  operated  spray  pump  cant  handle  the  large  pressure.
By  taking  into  consideration  above  all  discussion  about  the  disadvantages  is  to  be  realize  and  the  deep  study  of   is  done  and  the  most  difficulty  or  challenge  was  that  the  all  above  disadvantages  was  to  overcome  the  with  the  decrease  in  cost  because  our  working  mode  is  going  to  use  in  the  agricultural  field
The  another  one  problem  was  that  the  operator  (farmers)  are  less  skilled  worker. This  condition  was  also challenging.
By  taking  a long  and  number  of  discussion  sessions  we  concludes  the  following  points
1)       operation  of  the  pump  should  be  very  easy
. The  foot  operated  spray  pump  should  be  maintenance  free.
2)      Foot  operated  spray  pump  should  be  very  rugged  in construction.
3)      It  should  be  portable.
4)      The  foot  operated  spray  pump  should  be  cheap.
5)      Foot  operated  spray  pump  can  be  easily  assembled.


The dummy   cylinder  is  there  in  which   there   cylinder  contains  the  air    under  compression.  This  compressed  air  is  trapped  in  the  dummy  cylinder  or  reservoir  with  the  help  of  foot  operated  air  pump.  The  non  return valve  is  there  to  resist  the  back  flow  of  the  air  from  the  dummy  cylinder  to  foot  operated  air  pump . There  are  totally  three  holes  in  which  two  of  them  are  ½  inches  internally  tapered  and  one of  them  are  3/2  inches  internally  tapered. 
  The   ½  inches  internally  tapered  holes  carries  non  return  valve  and  control  valve  respectively  and  the  remaining     3/2   inches  internally  tapered  hole  carries  the  Burdon  tube  pressure  gauge.


Pest controlling  machine is a device used to transfer mechanical power into  fluid power with maximum rate and minimum investment and running cost. A wide variety of  pumps are used in  application, some  of  them  are:
1)      Agricultural  application for  spraying
2)      Municipal  application  like  for  spraying  the  mosquito  controlling  medicines and  etc.  

3)      House  holding  as  well  as  office  paste  controlling


4)      Gardening  and  other  related  applications.

5)      Cleaning  of  all  sort  of  glasses(buildings)

6)      Large  capacity  lubrication  units.

7)      Commercial  plants  nurseries


6)                          operation  of  the  pump  is  very  easy
7)                         The  pest controlling machinepump  is  maintenance  free
8)                         Pest controlling machine pump  is  very  rugged  in construction.
9)                         It  is  portable.
10)                    The  pest controlling machinepump  is cheap.
11)                    Pest controlling machine pump  can  be  easily  assembled.


1)    Not suitable for high load applications.
2)    Mechanical parts are subjected to wear and tear.

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