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          A company having so many difficulties in the bar cutting process due to its complications. we are making a study and the concept that is set by the companies shop floor engineers that is a design of a bar cutting machine. This bar cutting is done by a hydraulic force and uses a shearing cutting mechanism. We are manufacturing a principle model so that by increasing the capacity of hydraulic jack we can cut the larger diameter.

Consider a bar that we machined on a lathe machine. This bar is initially cut by power hacksaw. It takes 8 to 10 min. for cutting operation.

 In this mechanism, a shearing is used to cut them in a minute. Here we are using a hydraulic jack having 5 tonnes capacity. Here we are making a principle model in which 5-tonne jack can cut 6 mm MS bar so by increasing the capacity of the jack we can cut the larger diameter MS bar accordingly in very less time as compared to the conventional power hacksaws



Using the mechanical shear poses some problems as listed below:-

  1. Leverage required for bending heavy sections is large; hence a tremendous amount of human effort is necessary.
  2. Labor cost is more.
  3. Time-consuming, in terms of setting time ad operation time.
  4. Space occupied is more.
  5. Quality is not good.
  6. Defects in the form of angular deformation and wrinkles are seen.

Conventional mechanical process is replaced by the hydraulic system which offers many benefits


Hydraulic bar cutting machine is a perfect solution to the above problem wherein bending force is generated is quite large about (5 ton) with a minimal human effort

The hydraulic bar cutting machine uses a hydraulic jack in conjunction with the high-speed tool cutting mechanism to apply a gradual force up to 5000kg. The load in cutting will depend upon the section of the bar to be cut.

Loading is done by operating handle of the jack which carries the cutting action, resulting in a safe and damage free operation.

In order to increase the speed of operation, the pneumatic circuit is used to operate the hydraulic pump and the relief valve and return spring set will help the quick return of hydraulic ram, thereby reducing the idle time of the machine.

So here we are manufacturing a bar cutter working on the principle of shear force which is integrating a hydraulic as well as a pneumatic force for its working. Application. Assistance and guidance and sponsorship Are provided by the company.   


  1. Small-scale industries.
  2. This machine is a good replacement of conventional power hacksaws.
  3. Electrode manufacturing shops.

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