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This is the latest walking robot with new technology. In the oldest robot, the motor is directly connected to the wheels and it will start walking, but the problem with this technique is that, if the rough surface is used as the workspace then slip phenomenon has occurred. As this phenomenon occurs the robot starts slipping and the next action is not performed by the robot. To overcome this problem the walking robot with four bar linkage mechanism is used.

                        Walking robot is basically a four bar linkage mechanism in which four mechanisms are combined together to a hand crank to convert the rotary motion of crank into a linear motion. By assembling all the links and parts together which is then required to transmit forces, motion, and energy in a predetermined manner, and definition of multiple degree-of-freedom linkage systems representative of the human leg and arm motion. The program provides unlimited rotational degrees of freedom and the definition of linear and curves path models for all skeletal muscle/tendon units.



SOURCE OF POWER:- Two kinds of sources of power for applying force to the LINK.


                        In the mechanical process, the energy of the link is utilized which is transmitted to the workpiece by crank electric of lever. Motor runs continuously and stores energy in the link motion, the link is connected to the crankshaft. The crankshaft rotating and stored energy to transferred to using a motor.

                        These processes are classified as follows ;


                        In plain type, the link is mounted directly on the drive shaft.


                        In the sprocket type link is carried on an oscillatory shaft which connected to the main shaft through one or more sprocket deduction is depending upon size and energy need. The tonnage that a hydraulic tap can exert depends on the diameter of the hydraulic piston and the rated maximum hydraulic low effort pressure the latter being a function of the pump low effort pressure and related mechanism.


The mechanical power produced by prime over I used to drive various machines in the workshop and factories. A transmission system is a mechanism, which deals with transmission of the power and motion from the prime mover to the shaft or from one shaft to the other. The machine tool drive is an aggregate of mechanism that transmits motion from an external source. To the operative elements of the machine tool. The external source of energy is generally a three-phase A.C. motor, which has a rotary motion at its output shaft.

                        The rotary motion of the motor is transmitted to the operative element to provide an operative working or auxiliary motion. When the required motion is rotary; the transmission takes place through mechanisms that transfer Rotary motion from one shaft to another. Transmission of the motion from the external source to the operative element can take place through Mechanical elements such as belts, gears, chains etc.


  1. The nature and simplicity of the walking robot make it useful for remote surveillance application.
  2. The construction is almost weight-less and properly balanced hence can be used in automatic guided vehicles for surveillance and man-less controlled vehicles.
  3. The walking robot can be easily converted into a robotic vehicle for scanning application in both x-ray or ultrasound technology.
  4. The walking robot can be easily converted into a robotic vehicle for handling nuclear waste in nuclear power plants.
  5. Due to the low cost of production, the walking robot can be used in greenhouses to monitor temperature and humidity. 


  1. Walking robot is basically a four-bar linkage which generates a straight line motion, with the effect of positive motion without any slip and maintaining a constant velocity ratio.
  2. This mechanism has a walking effect thus the condition of the ground below does not have much effect on the motion desired.
  3. The bi-directional prime mover in the form of a DC motor with an integral rechargeable battery makes it extremely compact.
  4. The Rechargeable battery is the power source that moves along with the vehicle hence no external power is required.
  5. The mechanism is reversible henceforward as well as reverse motion is possible. With suitable modification, the same set up can be made to climb staircases.


  1.  It is noisy in operation 
  2. Requires maintenance.
  3. Wear and tear of linkages joint takes place.

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