Manual Roller Bending Machine Project Report PDF

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The reason to design a Manual Roller Bending Machine for pipe bending is because there is no proper roller bender to bend a metal pipe for small scale. The Manual Roller Bending Machine found in the market come from variety of types. There are roller bender such as press brake bending machine, roll roller bender and a folding machine. Moreover, the design for the roller bender for pipe bending is to bend a metal pipe. It produces sheet metal bending with desire degree of bending except 90°.

Other reason regarding to the roller bender design, the roller bender in the market come with big size and is expensive. The existing roller bender in the market is created for huge capacity for bending a metal pipe. With the capacity of roller bender that exists in the market, the existing roller bender is not fulfilling the requirement of the usage.

The requirement of operation of roller bender is simple. Thus it is not suitable to purchase existing roller bender to be used for simple roller bending operation. Also, the machine is heavy and use up a lot of space. In addition, the problem will arise when to move and put the roller bender due to heavy and space.

Download Manual Roller Bending Machine Project Report PDF

Functions of Manual Roller Bending Machine:

  • To bend a pipe having thickness up to 5 mm in required angular shape.
  • To provide curvature shape to pipe.
  • Machine is convenient for portable work.
  • The machine is power operated to achieve maximum accuracy in less time.


  • Roller should be very accurate and easy to handle.
  • The effort required to bend pipe should be minimal.
  • The rolling attachment should also provide directional stability. This implies that the pipe should have a tendency to move too & fro. 1.2 Objective of Roller Bender
  • To bend metal sheet and pipe in one system.
  • To operate the system hydraulically.
  • To provide curvature shape to pipe.
  • Machine is convenient for portable work.
  • To ease the operation in small scale industries.

Components Required

  • Bending Rollers
  • Spindle Wheel
  • Chain Sprockets
  • Bearings
  • Housings
  • Screw
  • Moving Roller
  • Supporting Frame
  • Mounts
  • Joints & Screws

Advantages of Manual Roller Bending Machine

  • Very Useful in Fabrication
  • Easy To Make Curved Parts
  • Supports a Variety of Soft Metals


Such type of roller bender more important for small scale work as well as industrial work in less cost and more precision and accuracy of different type of pipe bending. The machine capacity can be increased according to the need. Manual bending tends to minimize wrinkles and can reduce springbuck. By its design the defects can be easily overcome.

Simpler design not only reduces the defects but also contributes to fluid pressure test during bending. It should be noted the tendency to wrinkle and the cross section of tube deformation are reduced. Thus, this approach can be used for bending a thin walled tube over a small radius of the die, which can be achieved with a conventional method of bending the tube. In this paper, the problem of bending and axial stretching the internal pressure is investigated using the machine coordinate system (CMM) measurement.

The objective of the study is to develop a tool that accurately predicts the change of the wall thickness and the cross-section of the tube distortion under different loading conditions.


The scopes of the study are encompasses investigation of the difficulties in portable metal pipe bending machine. The investigation is starting with stating with the problem statements. The idea of designing a bending machine can be seen clearly through the problem statements, which is a solution of designing a bending machine can be generated to encounter those problems. From this investigation, a literature review can be conducted. In the literature review, it will discuss about the reason to design a bending machine for pipe bending, the comparison of existing bending machine, classification of bending machine, working principle of bending machine, etc.

Download Manual Roller Bending Machine Project Report PDF

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