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If we take into consideration today’s situation from the world point of view then we can say that world today is greatly dependent on fossil fuels and other conventional energy sources.

So that it becomes necessary to found an alternative application which are used in day to day life which uses non-renewable energy. It should be replaced by an appliance that works on renewable energy and performs same function.


Our project takes into consideration the fact that there are very limited reserves of fossil fuels. The increasing cost also poses a huge stress on our economy. The concept is to utilize non-conventional energy sources of sun and bio-fuel for the entire energy needs of the complex. We are going to use solar energy for electricity production, space and water heating. The solar water heaters will also be centralized. Other energy conservation techniques will be incorporated into the entire complex. Another advantage of this system will be that the only costs incurred by the people in this system will be maintenance cost alone


The solar radiation coming to the earth is accepted by the solar panel and it is converted into electric current (direct current). There are four solar panels in which each have 5-watt specification. It is connected in series system. This produces the combine power of 20 watts.

The direct current is available now but for our application of motor demands alternating current supply. Now to convert this direct current into alternating current the inverting circuit is introduced.

The output of this inverting circuit is then given to electric motor. this motor is connected mechanically to the pump.

Pump converts the mechanical movement into hydraulic power. This power is nothing but pumping of water.

This high-pressure water is then allowed to pass through the perforating pipes which is closed from the other end. The small holes present allows the fluid to escape in the form of jet.


Solar sprinkle   is used for the purpose of transportation of water from lower head to crops. The DROP WATER SYSTEM is generally running on non-renewable energy which is getting exhausted by their continuous use. Because non renewable energy sources for electricity are depending on the energy sources like coal petroleum products etc.

Here we are using the solar energy which is available near about seven hours in a day. some common applications are given below.  

  • for agricultural sprinkle systems.
  • for gardening sprinkle water systems
  • Small crops nurseries sprinkle systems


  • It takes renewable energy sources for its use.
  • It takes no running cost as it works on solar radiation.
  • No harmful residual produced.


  • Less response to the to in cloudy atmosphere.
  • Large capital investment required.

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