175+ Most Important SAP PP Interview Questions

We, Mechanical Farm, help students, and Researchers with their Studies, projects, researches by providing them proper study materials, guidance and information. In the below article we have shortlisted 175+ Most Asked SAP PP Interview Questions. We have collected this set of questions from all over the internet for ex: SAP Cloud, YouTube Interviews, etc. If you are fresher and want to learn SAP PP here are few Free SAP PP (Production Planning) Full Training Tutorials platform where you can learn it for free.

Important SAP PP Interview Questions

SAP Production Planning Interview Questions
What is MTS and MTO and the difference between them?
Different types of consumption-based planning.
What is MPS and the difference between MRP and MPS?
Explain the Difference between the Discreet and REM.
What is Backflush, the places where the backflush is used?
What are the MRP master data?
What is MRP group?
What is MRP Area or How can I exclude one storage location stock from MRP?
What is MRP Profile and MRP Group?
When you run MRP, What steps does it Perform in the Background?
Which MRP types you have used?
What is a Planning time Fence?
What is the difference between the fixing type?
What is time-phased Planning?
Difference between Manual reorder point and Automatic reorder point.
In the monthly lot, size proc, how to generate a lot at the end of the Period?
Different types of scrap or differences between types of scraps.
What is Phantom Assembly?
What is the collective order Prerequisite of the collective order?
What is the Schedule Margin key How do floats work in scheduling?
What are the strategy groups you have used?
What is requirement class and requirement type?
What is the SPRO Path for requirement class and reqtype?
Difference between different strategy groups.
What are Individual and collective requirements and differences between them in the MTO scenario?
What is REM or What is REM profile
Have you used a Pull list or backflushing in REM?
What is SOP and what types of SOP?
Explain Flexible Planning procedure or How many levels of Flexible planning.
What is Material status and which view of the material master it is available?
What is the Production scheduling Profile and its use of it?
Difference between byproduct and co-product.
What are the Important tables in PP, QM?
Can we create a production order without BOM and Routing?
What is planned consumption and unplanned consumption?
What are the different type of BOM usage?
Which BOM item category you have used?
Difference between Item categories or what is variable size item or non-stock item.
What is alternate item group?
What is recursive BOM
What is alternative BOM, or diff between BOM group and Group BOM?
Difference between Routing, Ref op set, Rate routing and Ref rate routing.
Steps to configure Production order type.
What are the parameters are there in Order type or in dependent paraconfig?
Once the Production order is created, how to change the BOM and routing in that order?
How do you do capacity planning ?
How do you carry out capacity leveling?
What do you mean by pooled capacity?
Can you dispatch capacity for a single work center?
What is finite scheduling?
How do you integrate HR (employee) with PP?
How can you create a production order without routing and BoM?
Explain what is PRT – how many types of PRT is used?
How to create a PRT master record?
What is trigger PointWhat are the setting required to trigger one action?
What are the levels of batch, explain batch determination process?
Question related to Production order status or status profile?
Explain LTP.
Integration between PP and SD module.
Integration between PP and PM module.
Integration between PP and QM Module.
Integration between PP and MM Module.
Explain Kanban.
Explain Planning file entry.
Difference between NETCH, NETPL and NEUPL.
Difference between MD, MD and MD.
What is scope of planning?
What do you do to run MRP  for just one MRP Controller?
Explain customer Independent requirement .
What is the transaction code to run MRP for sales order?
What is the transaction code to execute forecast, and explain types of forecast model?
What parameters you maintain in “plant parameters” in configuration?
SPRO path for order, confirmation or requirement class.
Difference between MD and MD.
What are the key fields in MRP views?
What is Variant configuration?
Different types of Object Dependencies.
What is Auto GR?
Explain Availability check.
Explain different inspection type you used .
Explain In-process inspection.
Explain source inspection.
What is the use of QM control key?
What are the types of MIC?
What is the purpose of Catalog? how you reverse UD?
What is Inspection Points?
Explain DMR.
Difference between plan cost, Actual cost and target cost.
Difference between standard cost and variable cost.
What is primary cost and secondary cost?
How system calculate the actual cost?
What is activity type and how it works in costing?
Explain the process of Material costing.
Why and how you calculate WIP?
Explain transaction code KO or CO.
Material Staging in REM?
What is REM Profile? How did you create by assistant or manual?
What is backflushing in REM and what is T.Code for it?
What are all the types in Backflushing and T.Code for it?
What are the different places we can give Backflush Indicator?
What is Product Cost Collector and its T.code?
What are all the costs involved in Product Cost Collector?
What is S.O.P? What are the T.Codes for SOP?
How many types of SOPs are there?
Explain Flexible planning Procedure?
What is the data you give in the SOP screen?
What is the standard info set?
What is the customization procedure for production orders?
What are the details in the Production scheduling profile?
Explain Production Order Cycle after run the MRP?
What is Production Order Settlement?
Scheduling Parameters for a Production Order?
Do you have any idea about Capacity Planning?
How do you carry out Capacity leveling?
Can you dispatch capacity for a single work center?
What is a Planning strategy and how can you customize it?
What are MRP Plant parameters and T.Code for it?
If no planning strategy, no MRP group is given, how can you give the requirement type?
If no requirement type has been given, can the planned order be generated?
Against which you settle Product order cost?
Do you have any idea about PP-PI?
What is the importance of the PI sheet?
Where do you configure process instructions?
Master data in REM & Discrete manufacturing?
Lot size procedure?
What is the difference between MD & MD?
What are the different types of Consumption-based planning?
What is the difference between Manual Reorder Point procedure and the automatic reorder point procedure?
Do you know variant configuration?
What are all the steps involved in Variant Configuration?
Different types of Object dependencies?
Overlapping and splitting, where do you assign?
What are the problems encountered in your project?
What is a T.Code for Production order user exit?
Where you can find user exit?
What are Trigger points and where do you find them?
Do you know anything about PRTs?
What are the different places, where we can give auto GR?
How do you check the capacity of rough-cut planning profile?
What is the process of Goods issue before and after implementing SAP?
When a production order is released, what are the things done in system?
What are the levels of production in your project?
Do you have implemented Capacity planning there?
What is the category of work centers you have created?
Who is doing the MIGO transaction?
What is the role of MRP Controller?
Two or three Production Orders are there for the same day, and goods are not sufficient and then how to proceed?
In the production order confirmation, what are the things you confirm?
If any difference is there in between planned confirmation dates and actual ones, how will you identify and how will you show in the system? Do you have any given procedure to do that?
If no capacity planning is there, then what purpose you have created the work centers?
What is the Backflushing in REM, explain in detail?
Do you used Pull list or back flushing in REM?
What are the manufacturing strategies do they have before SAP implementation and what are the strategies you have suggested for them and why?
Did you suggest business process re-engineering for them?
How do you interlink PP with QM?
What is your knowledge in QM?
Where to assign the inspection characteristics?
If your client has any in process quality control, how to incorporate it?
What is your idea in SOP?
How many levels of Flexible Planning are there?
Do you have implemented any hours accounting for them?
How can you see the costing details in Production Order?
What is your idea about capacity leveling and how can you dispatch it?
You are saying  &  strategies given for two products; do you have given two different strategies for the same Product? If not, for the same engine valve why you are describing them as two different products?
What is your idea about process industries?
Where do you define Process instructions?
What are different planning types you have given them?
Do you have worked in any support environment?
How many tickets used to get daily in your Post implementation support?
What are your major activities in post implemented support? Can you explain some issues?
What are your roles & responsibilities in implementation?
Can you explain me about your deliverables in each phase of implementation in detailed?
What is your team size?
How many PP Consultants are there in your project?
Do you have any idea about Long term planning, Briefly explain?
SAP PP Production Planning Interview Questions List
SAP PP Production Planning Interview Questions

These are the most common and important SAP PP Interview Questions that are generally asked during interviews. I hope this helps a lot of new guys as well as the interviewer. We can include some configuration or scenario-related questions, but the list would become too long.

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