Motorized Scissor Jack Project Report

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A screw jack is an important tool in any car as it lifts the car for any kind of service or for a quick tyre change. In this project, a DC motor has been integrated with this screw jack to make the process of lifting the car for any work a lot easier, just by switching ‘on’ a push button. All the heavy lifting would be done by the motor.

This project concentrates on people who are not able to rotate the screw jack properly (especially elderly people or women) or find it difficult to do so, and it also caters to the needs of small and medium automobile garages in which loads of cars have to be lifted in a day, which could drain a lot of stamina and cause fatigue.

This is a simple automation project in which the process to lift the car in an emergency is semi-automated, i.e. it also requires a little manual or human effort. The project along with achieving its main objectives, and strives to stay compact so that it is also easily transported from one place to another without any hassle.

Need for Automation

The manufacturing operation is being atomized for the following reasons:

  • To achieve mass production
  • To reduce man power
  • To increase the efficiency of the plant
  • To reduce the work load
  • To reduce the production cost
  • To reduce the production time
  • To reduce the material handling
  • To reduce the fatigue of workers
  • To achieve good product quality
  • Less Maintenance

Advantages of Motorized Scissor Jack

  1. The loaded light vehicles can be easily lifted.
  2. Checking and cleaning are easy, because the main parts are screwed.
  3. Handling is easy
  4. No Manual power required.
  5. Easy to Repair.
  6. Replacement of parts is easy

Disadvantages of Motorized Scissor Jack

  1. Cost of the equipment is high when compared to ordinary hand jack.
  2. Care must be taken for the handling the equipment such as proper wiring connection, battery charging check-up, etc.

Applications of Motorized Scissor Jack

  • It is useful in auto-garages.
  • This motorized screw jack is used for lifting the vehicles. Thus it can be useful for the
    following types of vehicles in future Maruti Suzuki, Ambassador, Fiat, Mahindra

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