Regenerative Braking System Project Abstract

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Brakes are employed to stop or retard the motion of any moving body. Thus, in automobiles the brakes are having the most important function to perform. In conventional braking system the motion is retarded or stopped by absorbing kinetic energy by friction, by making the contact of the moving body with frictional rubber pad (called brake liner) which causes the absorption of kinetic energy, and this is wasted in form of heat in surroundings. Each time we brake, the momentum of vehicle is absorbed that it has gained by it and to re-accelerate the vehicle we have to start from the scratch to redevelop that momentum by using the more power from an engine .

Thus, it will ultimately result in huge waste of energy. As the basic law of Physics says ‘energy can neither be created nor be destroyed it can only be converted from one form to another’. It will be good if we could store this energy somehow which is otherwise getting wasted out and reuse it next time we started to accelerate. That’s the basic concept of regenerative (“regent”) brakes, which provide braking for the system when needed by converting the available energy to some usable form. These are widely used in electric trains and the latest electric cars.

Regenerative brake is an energy recovery mechanism which slows a vehicle by converting its kinetic energy into another form, which can be either used immediately or stored until needed. Thus, the generated electricity during the braking is fed back into the supply system (in case of electric trains), whereas in battery electric and hybrid electric vehicles, the energy is stored in a battery or bank of capacitors for later use. Energy may also be stored by compressing air or in a rotating flywheel.

 An Energy Regeneration Brake was developed in 1967 for the AMC Amitron. This was a completely battery powered urban concept car whose batteries were recharged by regenerative braking, thus increasing the range of the automobile.

Components Required:

  • Brake drum (which is attached to the wheels)
  • Friction lining
  • 2x Generator motors
  • Linking mechanism
  • Supporting Frame
  • Joints
  • Screws & Bolts

Advantages of Regenerative Braking System:

  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Increases overall efficiency of vehicle by 33%
  • Cut down pollution related to electricity generation
  • Increases lifespan of friction braking system


  • Some of vehicles using regenerative brake:-
  • Toyota Prius
  • Ford FUSION
  • Tesla Roadster Electric Car
  • Vectrix Electric Maxi-Scooter
  • KERS is used in F1 cars

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