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One of the most frequently occurring problems in all the conventional type of that cannot provide enough advantages as listed below because of old manufacturing and old design. So we planned to assemble the modern model of agriculture spraying machine pump with the additional advantages. There are few problems for operators to handle the conventional device are which had listed and studied deeply and few conclusions, as well as solutions, are made. Right accordingly to the above solutions, the design procedure had also been started.


By taking into consideration above all discussion about the disadvantages is to be realized and the deep study of is done and the most difficulty or challenge was that the all above disadvantages was to overcome the with the decrease in cost because our working mode is going to use in the agricultural field. Another problem was that the operator (farmers)  are less skilled worker   We design a spray which works on solar energy., is based on the renewable energy source. It’s a master technique which does not want any kind of energy and takes only sunlight for its working and application. As above mentioned there are a few more disadvantages of conventional the hand-operated spray pump.  Some of them are listed below.

  • The hand-operated spray pump is unaffordable.
  • In case of a hand-operated spray pump, the maintenance required.
  • The hand-operated spray pump is not user-friendly.
  • Only a skilled operator can use the hand-operated spray pump.
  • There is no special arrangement for storing of pressure in case of The hand-operated spray pump.
  • The hand-operated spray pump can’t handle the large pressure.
  • The system is quite bulky.


Step by step procedure for the working principle. 1. tank is filled with mixture of  pesticide and water 2. Solar radiation incident on the solar panel it will absorb this radiation and produces the   current with the help of semiconductor . 3. Control system control the voltage and this voltage supply to battery and battery     store output of the control system 4. motor is operated by battery and is provided to start the motor 5. pump lift the  pesticide supplied towards the nozzle  through the pipe 6. nozzle sprayed or distribute pesticide on the crop at a uniform pressure 7.mixture of water and pesticide is distributed on crop with the help of hand notch. It’s working on electrical energy which is generated by a solar panel. It is converted in to mechanical energy and pump is operated for spraying pesticides.  


  1. Agricultural  application for  spraying
  2. Municipal  application  like  for  spraying  the  mosquito  controlling  medicines and  etc.
  3. House  holding  as  well  as  office  paste  controlling
  4. Gardening  and  other  related  applications.
  5. Cleaning  of  all  sort  of  glasses(buildings)
  6. Large  capacity  lubrication  units.
  7. Commercial  plants  nurseries.


  1. No running cost.
  2. Renewable energy sources gets utilized.
  3. No residual produced
  5. Battery requires maintenance.
  6. Initial cost is high.
  7. The low response in the loud atmosphere.

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