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Speech Recognition System – Diagram, Working, Advantages and disadvantages

Speech recognition system block diagram Working of Speech Recognition System Advantages and disadvantages Of Speech Recognition System Also Read: MODERN RADAR SYSTEM – BLOCK DIAGRAM, WORKING Tags: speech recognition system block diagram, speech recognition system,automatic speech recognition system,data flow diagram for speech recognition system,architecture of speech recognition system,how to build a speech recognition system,use case […]

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How does Photoelectric Sensor work?

Photoelectric Sensor Working Photoelectric Sensors detect objects, changes in surface conditions, and other items through a variety of optical properties. A Photoelectric Sensor consists primarily of an Emitter for emitting light and a Receiver for receiving light. When emitted light is interrupted or reflected by the sensing object, it changes the amount of light that

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What is a microprocessor?

Microprocessor Features of Microprocessor Special Features of Microprocessor 1)8086 is a pipelined processor •It uses 2 stage pipelining ie Fetch stage that pre-fetches upto 6  bytes of instructions stores them in the queue and Execute  stage that executes these instructions. Pipelining improves the  performance of the processor ie operations are faster. 2)8086 uses memory banks

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Microprocessor Vs Microcontroller

Difference between Microprocessor Vs Microcontroller Microprocessor Microcontroller Center of a computer system. Center of embedded system. Memory and I/O components are external to it. Memory and I/O components are internal to it. Large Circuit Smaller Circuit Not compatible with compact systems Compatible with compact systems. Higher cost Lower Cost High Power Consumption Low Power Consumption

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