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Go-kart technology has been widely developed since the introduction of wheels. But, it was not fully implemented in racing activity until the past three hundred years in America.

The first go-kart was simply a cart consisting of wheels and handles jointed together as children pushed from behind when learning to walk or a four-wheeler platform where children where children can sit on it while another push the kart around .Go-kart was invented in California by Art Ingels and Lou Borelli using 100cc mower engines and strong steel frames. Then, newly designed karts were beginning to gain popularity in Britian around the year 1959-1960.

Go-kart has long existed in our world whether used insport or recreation .According to Graham Smith (2002), Art Ingels who was a veteran hot rod and race carbuilder at Kurtis Kraft in California, America invented the first ever go-kart in 1956. Initially,karting is a leisure motorsport enjoyed by airmen during the post-war period. The sport is quickly caught on with Go Kart Manufacturing Co. Inc. Being the first company to manufacture and distribute go-karts after two years. In 1959, McCullough also jump in the bandwagon of the industry, by becoming the first company to manufacture go-kart engines. Although go-kart originated from United States, it has also gain interests from countries all over the worlds especially Europe. For example, according to Tony Kart’s company profile in its website from Italy, they have been producing gokart since 1958 and emerged as one of the main manufacturer to date. Today, kart racing is governed by CIK-FIA which was founded in 1962 is the current primary international sanctioning body for kart racing. It is also a part of FIA since 2000 which is a governing body for motorsport across the globe. CIK-FIA plays an important role in regulating kart racing related matters such as technical regulations.






            I wanted the frame to be strong because Eli-Kart would need to carry at least 100 kgs  safely to account for one passenger. From previous projects I was familiar with box extrusions, which are strong beams that are suitable for structural applications. I chose pvc pipe but there is no high load cannot be sit so i also added steel frame below the pipe frame because it is much tougher and easier to weld than materials such as aluminum. Uprights for steering and mounting other components could be welded to the main structure. Picture of the frame On top of the frame there needed to be a platform for sitting on. I decided on ½” thick acrylic for several reasons. It would be clear, allowing for a view of the components under, and also be structural enough to allow for direct mounting of seats and other parts. I chose the dimension of the cart to fit within current handicap accessible areas, allowing it to go through doors and fit in a bike lane. I also wanted it to be just long enough to fit one  people sitting one behind the other. A 24” by 48” fulfilled both of these criteria and had a convenient size and a rectangular 1:2 ratio.

          Frame design was first implemented by keeping in mind the safety requirement of the event. The first primary safety standard focused on during design was maintaining the proper clearance of the driver’s body rest to the other rigid parts like motor  compartment and panel bracing of the vehicle. Once the basic requirements fulfilled the other safety design were implemented. The chassis was designed to give occupant extra space to operate the vehicle easily.


                  Steering is another very important mechanical aspect of any vehicle. I decided to use a steering linkage similar to that on a colleague’s go-kart, Shane Colton. It works by attaching each wheel to a steering rod, and connecting each rod to a part on the end of the steering wheel. When the steering wheel turns, the part on the end rotates, pushing one steering rod away while pulling the other rod closer. For two wheel steering, an Ackermann steering geometry accounts for the different turning radius of each wheel.


The drive train is a fundamental engineering problem for all vehicles. The drivetrain consists of the motor, transmission, and any drive wheels. Drivetrain components need to be mounted robustly and operate efficiently to be safe and effective. I designed the frame so that a motor could be easily mounted to the steel tubing. For the brushless hobby a wiper  motor I had, it would only take a single mounting plate to secure. After directly bolting a to the steel  frame, I drilled mounting holes that matched with the motor, and milled slots into the plate to allow for proper tensioning of the chain drive. For simplicity and ease of operation, there would only be one gear. I decided to use a chain to transmit power from the motor shaft to the drive wheel. I chose chain because they are slightly more efficient and quieter than their main competitor in small electric vehicles, chains.

 Electrical Motor

The motor or an electrical motor is a device that has brought about one of the biggest advancements in the fields of engineering and technology ever since the invention of electricity. A motor is nothing but an electro-mechanical device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It’s because of motors, life is what it is today in the 21st century. Without the motor, we had still been living in Sir Thomas Edison’s Era where the only purpose of electricity would have been to glow bulbs. There are different types of motor have been developed for different specific purposes.
In simple words, we can say a device that produces rotational force is a motor. The very basic principle of functioning of an electrical motor lies on the fact that force is experienced in the direction perpendicular to magnetic field and the current, when field and current are made to interact with each other.

Ever since the invention of motors, a lot of advancements has taken place in this field of engineering and it has become a subject of extreme importance for modern engineers. This particular webpage takes into consideration, the fact as mentioned above and provides a detailed description of all major electrical motors and motoring parts being used in the present era.         


           Acceleration is usually better than thermic model and the speed is sufficient for use on most kart circuits. Torque in electric motors are greater than that of the gas engine. They are ideal for quick take offs and off road climbing.Electric go-karts are low maintenance, requiring only that the lead-acid batteries of the cars be plugged into an array of chargers after each run. Since they are pollution-free and emit no smoke, the racetracks can be indoors in controlled environments. Most fully charged electric karts can run a maximum of 20 minutes before performance is affected. An expensive alternative is the use of Lithium iron phosphate LiPO4 lithium batteries. They last much longer and carry more power per pound than lead acid batteries.Electric power Go-Karts do not have hot engines or a tank full of gas which can prove to be safer in an accident.


          Batteries are still very expensive and the autonomy is not that good. However, charging can be achieved in about 30 minutes and it is possible to swap batteries.


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