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About Design and fabrication of power hammer

The Aim of course can achieve by learning in classroom and laboratory. However, Threw the project something extra Knowledge can achieve.

  • To develop planning, designing and manufacturing skill.
  • To provide inter disciplinary studies.
  • To develop higher-level skill.
  • To develop the spirit of the work and be mature.
  • To develop ability for teamwork.

We have a chance for applying our knowledge obtained during diploma program. We have been through many things like flexibility study, designing, drafting, process planning, costing, management and spirit of teamwork. as we make “POWER HAMMER” to Forging.


Until now we’ve confined ourselves to review of hand tools utilized in smithy work. They certainly perform alright thus far because the hand- forging cares , but their use for satisfactory production is restricted to small forging only. it might not be difficult to know that the intensity of blows, however great one may attempt to achieve through hand hammering, won’t be sufficient enough to affect the right plastic flow during a medium sized or heavy forging. For this, an influence hammer is typically employed. The capacity of those hammers is given by the entire weight of their falling parts i.e., tup or ram and die. A 200 kg hammer are going to be one among which the falling parts weigh 200 kg. The heavier these parts and greater the peak from which they fall. the upper are going to be intensity of blow the hammer will provide. Power hammers in common use are of various types e.g. spring power hammers, pneumatic power hammers, Steam hammers and Drop or Forge hammers and 6 bar slider crank power hammers. These hammers are named partly after their construction, partly consistent with their way of operation. aside from these, an outsized number of forging presses and machines are utilized in forging work. within the following articles these hammers and machines are going to be discussed intimately .

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