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The aim of our project is to design and fabricate a screw operated bottle crusher.  With this device a bottle crushing can be performed. In the conventional methods the waste bottles were thrown out which were used illegally by the local users and refill bottles with the water and they again sells it in market. To avoid this, we are introducing a mechanism called bottle crusher.

This device is operated by screw which operates a plunger which push the bottle in the cavity. It consists of the following main parts:

  • Plunger
  • Motor
  • Frame and supporting column
  • Die
  • Fixture.

A high pressure is developed to compressed the bottles with the help of screw.  This rotation is transmitted to the machining head by a shaft and the required operation is carried out. By using this device bottles can be crushed in such a way that it cannot be used again and can only being used only after melting. So, this bottle crusher is used for various operations with a less amount of Investment.


The main concept of this project is to provide a cheaper set up for the bottle crushing such cheaper that a scrap vendor can also afford it. We did a market survey in which we found that there are two types of bottle crusher are available in market.

  1. Pneumatic bottle crusher
  2. Hydraulic bottle crusher. 

Now in case of hydraulic set up we all know that a minimum capacity hydraulic power pack takes at least rs.28000. same that of pneumatic bottle crusher it also takes more than rs.18000.  that’s why both kind of bottle crushers are not affordable for common scrap vendor. so here we have a great scope to reduction of cost in this machine.

From the above we selected ‘BOTTLE CRUSHER’. In small scale Industries and bottle manufacturing shops this machine can be used effectively.


Users of this Can are facing problem of storage, after using it. When people footstep the tin after finishes their drink, the tin always not look symmetrically flat and it look messy. This condition sometime makes tin produce the sharp adage will harm or injured the people.

Furthermore, people always throw the can anywhere. These conditions makes pollution for this environment, become bad surrounding and separate the ditches.

So it is necessary to design equipment or device, which is used to crush these cans as flat as possible and try to reduce time, cost consuming with large volume while in the transporting.


The bottle crusher is a screw operated device used for many small operations.  It is a portable one. The screw shaft produces the compression action is the source of energy for this device.  The compression is allowed through the die in such a way that it produces the blank of a bottle by compressing. The rotation obtained is utilized for machining.

 The die is welded to the structure at an angle 180 restrict the free rotation of piston.  The fan can be rotated in either direction by operating the one-way corks. The rpm and torque of the shaft depends upon the pressure the pressure. The parts are interred connected by thick tubes.  Clamps are used at the connecting parts to prevent movement.

First place the beverage can on the wooden frame between fixed plate and ram force is applied to the piston by supplying the compressed air in to pneumatic cylinder. Then the piston moves forward direction, The beverage can between fixed plate and ram crushes due to the forward stroke of the piston. Finally, the beverage can is crushed.


  • This bottle crusher has a numerous application in various fields.  In industries, this is used in assembly section.  The required pressure is set and the operation is carried out. 
  • In automobile workshops
  • In small scale industries
  • In such places where frequent changes in operations are required
  • In scrap shops for crushing.
  • For performing operations in huge parts which cannot be done in ordinary machines, since it is portable.


  • The bottle crusher has many advantages.  They are as follows:
  • Low cost, so it can be used in small scale industries.
  • Higher rate and quicker operations
  • The nuts and bolts can be tightened to a particular pressure by operating the gate valve placed in the control unit and the pressure gauge.
  • Both loosening and tightening are possible.  Since there is an adjustment for both directions.
  • The weight of the unit is less and can be easily handled.
  • Efficient operation.  Since it does not require any electricity for running.
  • The weight of the machine is concentrated towards the machining head to facilitate easy manipulation of the machining.
  • The design is simple and there is no maintenance required.


  • It is not able crush high strength material cans
  • It can’t crush the can completely


Source: Scribd

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